Photo: A ruined castle of the last king of Afghanistan as the result of the civil war (1992-1996)

Dr. Snea Thinsan has been inspired to seek tools and means for making the world around him a better place by his various experiences.
  • He was born a Buddhist in a rural village of Northern Thailand, appreciating the peaceful harmony and hospitality that villagers demonstrated decades ago. Yet, in more recent years, he has attended churches and spent time with Muslim friends to appreciate some common elements of peace-oriented practices, especially in the educational contexts.
  • He began working as an ESL teacher and subsequently a Teacher Trainer in the Phanat Nikhom Refugee Processing Center, where Indo-Chinese refugees bound for their resettlement in the U.S. were oriented to ESL, U.S. culture, and work in their new land.
  • He became a Fulbrighter who appreciates Senator’s vision for a more peaceful world by means of educational exchanges among global scholars.
  • He delved into critical literacy and critical thinking while exploring the underlying frameworks by thinkers and activists such as Paolo Freire, Dalai Lama, Sulak Sivaraksa, Gandhi, and pedagogical approaches shared at the Indiana University’s School of Education.
  • He witnessed the social, political, administrative, and educational ruins in Afghanistan and some vague glimpses of peaceful Afghanistan in the future, given that many Afghans are eager to learn, transform, and become agents of change in the nation-rebuilding process of urgency.
  • He established the Thai People’s Revolutionary University and has served as the founding President of this informal online university in pursuit of democracy for Thailand. He additionally serves as a political analyst among many experts who offer truths, information, and opinions that could best wake up politically naive citizens, empower the people, and challenge the status quo,
  • Having seen how brutal and detrimental politics dominated by the elites, capitalists, and selfish politicians can be, Dr. Thinsan has set up the first human rights organization run officially by Thais overseas. He is servings as the Thai Alliance for Human Rights’ founding Executive Director so as to pursue respect for the universal human rights at many levels through projects and activities that experiment with measures for prevention, rehabilitation, and seeds-planting.

In fact, Dr. Thinsan has grown more resolved with the idea of using his networks established over the years in Australia, Thailand, England, the U.S.,, Uganda, the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and more for peace building and for improving educational qualities in needy places with capable friends. The idea was developed years ago:

Come and help Dr. Thinsan and his teams realize their dreams for a better world with the help of compassionate colleagues and friends. Email to express your interest in helping out or you can simply fill out a simple form here.

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