Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brainwashing in Thailand

A PM in pink is doomed to be hurt by his defying act of not standing while others were singing a song praising the king and his royal family.

As the red-shirted protesters are gaining popularity, the royalists are also campaigning for the love for the monarch and the need to protect the monarchy.
So much has been done in Thailand to trigger hatred against the red-shirted Thais so that the Abhisit adminstration could one day rightfully kill the protesters in the name of the love for the monarch. This same brutal trick was observed during the October 6, 1976.


  1. The common characters of Democrat Party, then, now and forever!

  2. It would be helpful to understand the background. Can you explain what is going on here?

    Who is the guy in pink? Why didn't he stand? Why do you say "PM in pink"?

    This seems very interesting, but also unclear.


  3. Obviously you are reacting on personal beliefs without any regard to history. The powers that be in Thailand are just like the powers that be in any state, they're holding the cash and striving for more control. So, with that said, the Monarch is one institution and Thaksin is another. If you mistake Thaksin for a revolutionary opposition to the Monarch, you are blinded. He has his own agenda for greed and power not unlike those who already have it. WAKE UP!! Join with those who want real justice, not the bewildered red shirted herd that blindly protest for 500 baht per day. Yes, FACT, Thaksin was paying his protesters to be out on the street 500 baht (35 USD) per day, 25 USD more than an average Isaan construction worker gets for a 14 hour shift building some rich pooyai cunt's condo! If your options were the same, what would you do? Be honest, fool!


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