The Education for Peace Foundation (EPF) is established according to the following premises:
  • That human resources development is key to solutions to all kinds of  human problems.
  • That empowerment at the individual and societal levels can be encouraged
    via both formal and informal education that addresses attitudinal, psychological, intellectual,
    cultural, technological, academic, and other gaps.
  • That love and peace can and shall prevail despite all the negative development in human societies.
  • That empowered human resources can bring about positive changes at all levels.
  • That a business model can be used for charity work in order to make maximized
    and expedited impacts on societies that are the most needy.
  • That community involvement should be sought so that sustainability will be resulted.

Photo:  A boy in Kabul whose access to basic education is somehow denied as a result of civil wars and perpetuated turmoils.  (Taken in December, 2006).

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