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Intermediate English Grammar Diagnostic Test

  Intermediate English Grammar Diagnostic Test

Instructions: Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

1. If I ____ him, I would have told you.

A) saw

B) have seen

C) had seen

D) would see

2. Sarah is the girl ____ sings in the choir.

A) who

B) which

C) where

D) whose

3. By the time you arrive, we ____ dinner.

A) will have

B) will have had

C) have had

D) had

4. I wish I ____ to her party last night, but I was too tired.

A) went

B) had gone

C) would go

D) g

5. Neither of the applicants ____ suitable for the job.

A) is

B) are

C) were

D) have been

6. She can’t attend the meeting, ____?

A) can she

B) can’t she

C) couldn’t she

D) isn’t it

7. the rain, the soccer game continued.

A) Despite

B) Although

C) Because

D) As

8. I used to ____ coffee every morning, but now I prefer tea.

A) drinking

B) drink

C) drank

D) have drunk

9. I'd rather you ____ to them why we can't come.

A) explain

B) explains

C) explained

D) to explain

10. The instructions ____ clearly before the exam started.

A) were explained

B) explained

C) are explained

D) have been explained

11. You ____ better check your answers before submitting the test.

A) would

B) should

C) could

D) must

12. Not only ____ to Paris, but he also visited Rome.

A) he went

B) went he

C) did he go

D) he did go

13. There ____ any messages for you while you were out.

A) wasn’t

B) weren’t

C) isn’t

D) aren’t

14. She’s interested ____ learning more about French history.

A) to

B) in

C) on

D) at

15. If he ____ the truth, he would have told us.

A) knows

B) knew

C) had known

D) know

16. We’ve run out of milk. I need to go ____ some.

A) buy

B) to buy

C) buying

D) buys

17. ____ time you come, please call first.

A) The next

B) Next

C) On next

D) At the next

18. This is the book ____.

A) who I need

B) that I need

C) which I need

D) what I need

19. Everyone ____ when the results were announced.

A) were surprised

B) was surprised

C) surprised

D) have been surprised

20. He drives more carefully ____ his brother does.

A) than

B) then

C) as

D) like

See the answer key below. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Answer key for the diagnostic English grammar test:

  1. C) had seen
  2. A) who
  3. B) will have had
  4. B) had gone
  5. A) is
  6. A) can she
  7. A) Despite
  8. B) drink
  9. A) explain
  10. A) were explained
  11. B) should
  12. C) did he go
  13. B) weren’t
  14. B) in
  15. C) had known
  16. B) to buy
  17. B) Next
  18. B) that I need
  19. B) was surprised
  20. A) than

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