Sunday, May 16, 2010

Urgent Message from a Thai to UN and the global community

I have just received this message from one of my best friends based near Bangkok.
He has never been this worried. Please kindly read his most sincere massage as well as other messages and share the link with people you know around the world who may be able to help.

Thank you,
We are Thai people can not stand to put up with Aphisit common to kill the red-shirt every day.Soo-or-Chor said a lie every day and also slander protester of “ The terrorist” Abhisit is the real criminal one , that right now he can’t control the soldier who have arm and Abhisit also never follow up or analyze the problem he

Was occupied with killing in his mind. He never consider himself just relax in the “11st soldier department” He is the real cowardly man.

So,Please don’t hesitate to issue official letter request UN army come to protect the “ Red- shirt” and catch him to the international criminal court like as Saddam in Iraq or Edii Armin in Republic of Uganda, or same situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.This is the newest killing field in the Southeast Asia. Or same book that I have read in Cambodia. 1000 families of people who live in Condo or in the house in Bon-kai area no have food ,with out water and electric can not shit or go to toilet,If you were them how do you fight with? And also can not pass through the military zone ,I think Abhisit is the most crazy man in the world that I have seen.The baby like Abhisit can not solve this complicated problem at all.

Here is an update from BBC (May 16, 2010)

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  1. Bangkok,Thailand-Hundreds of thousands of Thai people were protest for demorcacy by peachful but The terrorist government orders to office army used war's weapons to killed innocent people. People are unable to go out, and in some areas, running out of food ,water and electric in protest area (that hunderds of t...housand in that area) and used weapon to kill people since April'10 until now(May17, 2010)

    We need help form your organize group to stop this Terrorist government and their gang and to bring down this government, help Thai people have eletion to choose their government because this government have be choosen by military.

    Help us stop them now 60 people was killed ,thoundsands was serious injury.


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