Friday, May 14, 2010

Look at these animals using people's tax money to kill the people!!!

Now, read what a Thai reflect what she is painfully witnessing from the distance.

Dead of the Thai…Share. Yesterday at 11:50pm
It saddens me greatly to see the streets I have walked and driven on so many times to now run with the blood of the innocent. I am seeing the “City of Angels” (Bangkok) now being stained with the blood of those who love their country. Will Bangkok become the “Killing Fields” as was the fate of Cambodia when under the control of a Mad Man, a military man, who claimed he was doing it for the good of the country---and set up on trying to destroy all who would speak against him.

Is this where Bangkok and Thailand are headed? Our Military overthrew our elected officials under the excuse of corruption and for the good of the people---there was the promise of new elections. But when the elections were finally held, the military would not let elected officials take their positions, and appointed those who they wanted.

It was obvious that the military feared our elected officials, as they acted in a cowardly way in their initial takeover-----waiting until the elected Prime Minister was out of the country on official duty. Have they no honor in their actions? Now, the military kills unarmed children. A ten (10) year old boy is shot -----is this the action of a military under control or one that is gone mad. How long does take before brothers are ordered to shoot their own families. Is this what Thailand is becoming?

The military, who said they did it for the people, have seized personal assets, detained people without trials, shot and killed those who would object, and not keep the promises that they made, and have free elections. Is this what we, the people of Thailand, want to see happen to our country? Thailand was rapidly rising above a third world county but now we are rapidly falling back into the dark ages----other countries now fear to invest or come to Thailand with the Military in control. As every military controlled country suffers from the same corruption that infects the power hungry ego driven military powers.

The military generals in charge now must fear the will of the people, if they are willing to order their soldiers to shoot and kill unarmed people who speak against their actions. Must we kill our fellow countrymen in such a senseless manner? This is truly a dark time for our country----we have for centuries been know as a country of kindness, love, and the land of smiles………it saddens me to see the blood of my fellow Thai as it flows in the streets, not from a foreign enemy, but from the Mad Men of our military. I ask that the military keep its promise and allow free and unobstructed elections, with the United Nations to monitor the election procedure.

If the Military objects or has excuses----What are they hiding? Perhaps they are lining their pockets with the blood stained money of the fallen and have become drunk on the power. Is this the way we want to live? Where is the King? Does he not care about his people?

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